Always on brand

with a multi-faceted online design system

An acquisition by an international company with offices around the globe creates design challenges. It also creates opportunity. Business goals and priorities shift, but the user experience needs to remain consistent. With different geographies looking after unique, but related products–all transitioning to fall under one brand–a centralized system needed to be implemented.

All staff, regardless of location. have access to the same assets.
While a brand and style guide had been developed prior to the acquisition, it was cumbersome for teams in other offices to seamlessly implement. I established an centralized and automated design system to ease the transition and ensure uniformity. This includes a React Component library that uses Atomic Design Methodology to update all graphics and style elements automatically, so all staff, regardless of location. have access to the same assets. In addition, I introduced a UI kit for the website and mobile apps that easily integrates with Sketch and Figma. It establishes how different elements of UI will appear and function–and it even addresses accessibility.

This strategic move allowed the organization's design and development teams to centralize assets, rapidly compose pages, and accelerate the development cycle. More than that, it allowed for a consistent brand and user experience across all platforms and products.


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