Prioritizing accessibility

to remove barriers

Between the moral imperative and the laws coming into force, accessibility is a buzz word in the online world. However, it can be seen as costly and time consuming to implement, and the buzz does not always translate into a business priority. That being said, when accessibility is proactively and organically worked into design and UX, it adds value to both the 10% of our users with barriers to access–and to the bottom line.

An accessible site is an SEO friendly site.
Since the days when I used to hand code designs, my mantra has always been "an accessible site is an SEO friendly site". So, it has always been a part of my practice. When building design teams, I look for like-minded talent–and nurture it through ongoing accessibility training and events. As such, my personal goal is that all designs across any platform meet a minimum AA accessibility level, with majority being AAA.

When I implemented accessibility best practices at my company, it not only meant equal access provided to all audiences. It also ensured all digital properties were in compliance with governmental regulations long before they are slated to take effect in January 2021.


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